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Top 6 Universities in Asia


Top 6 Universities in Asia: Asia is a huge, wide and one of the largest continents with total 48 countries in it. Also the literacy rate of Asia is good. There are many universities in Asia which offer quality and high education through which students get able to compete with the world. If you are going for higher studies then wait a moment check out the following article where there are Top 6 Universities in Asia.

Top 6 Universities in Asia

1. Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University was found in 1911 and since that time it is providing quality education for the students. There are various schools like school of arts, school of engineering, school of humanities, school of science, school of economics, school of business and many others. There is a library facility that gives its best to the students. Every year many research publications are published and many further researches are done. They have done well in research zone and motivate its students to the same.

Address: 30 Shuangqing Rd, Haidian Qu, Beijing Shi, China

Website: http://www.tsinghua.edu.cn

2. Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Technological University

It is one of the leading global universities situated in Singapore. It is at the thirteenth place in top universities globally. They offer both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. It offers undergraduate programs in accounts, business, arts, science, medicine, engineering, etc. Postgraduate programs such as MBA, MSC, MA, and to name a few. Also they have a library, accommodation for the students. They hold this position because of the quality education and services that are provided by the institute.

Address: 50 Nanyang Ave, Singapore 639798

Website: http://www.ntu.edu.sg

3. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology was setup in 1971 in South Korea and now is a successful part of worldwide science community. This university offers courses like aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, college of business, school of computer studies, and various others. Also there are facilities like library, nice campus, canteen, etc. Also there is a research center which develops day by day in the field.

Address: 291 Daehak-ro, Guseong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea

Website: http://www.kaist.edu

4. University of Hong Kong

University of Hong Kong

University of Hong Kong was set up in 1911 in Hong Kong. This is amongst one of the best universities in Asia and has a record of good education facilities for the students. They offer graduate, post graduate and research studies. Courses like Business, economics, biomedical engineering, Chinese education, medical school, radiology, earth sciences, and various other educations also. Here you will get a library with all the important books. Also there is banking service, accommodation and other services.

Address: Pok Fu Lam Hong Kong

Website: http://www.hku.hk/

5. University of Singapore

University of Singapore

National university of Singapore is one of the best universities in Asia in all the manners. This university offers various degrees like Bachelor, Masters, etc. Also there are variety of courses including medical, business, arts, computers, social studies, and many more. Some of the courses are Business, Dentistry, Arts, Law, Engineering, Music, Design and environment, etc. Also there is a research center that offers wide range of scope for the students. Also the campus is huge and has a library which has all types of research books, journals, papers etc.

Address: 21 Lower Kent Ridge Rd, Singapore 119077

Website: http://www.nus.edu.sg/

6. Peking University

Peking University

Peking University is a major Chinese research university located in Beijing and a member of the C9 League. It is the first modern national university established in China, founded as the Imperial University of Peking in 1898 as a replacement of the ancient Taixue or Guozijian, or Imperial Academy.

Address: 5 Yiheyuan Rd, Haidian Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100080

Website: http://english.pku.edu.cn/


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