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Top 6 Pre-Workout Foods


Top 6 Pre-Workout Foods: Being active and fit is a large component of health- combined with nutrition, it can change your life!

Top 6 Pre-Workout Foods

1. A whole-wheat bagel with Honey:

Simple carbs burn quickly, like paper, while complex carbs burn like wood and take a little longer to provide energy. A snack like this before a workout provides both types of carbs- which is a great way to fuel your workout from start to finish.

2. Fruit Smoothie:

Fruit smoothies are high in carbohydrates and high-quality protein. They’re easy to consume and are rapidly digested- we recommended blending 1/2 cup of frozen fruits with 1/2 cup of greek yogurt, some protein powder, and 1/2 cup of almond milk. Because protein doesn’t break down fast enough to become fuel for a workout, the carbs from fruit break down quickly and the protein is used later to prevent muscle damage.

3. Oatmeal:

Oats: Oats are full of fiber, which means they gradually release carbohydrates into your bloodstream. This steady stream keeps your energy levels consistent during your workout. Oats also contain B vitamins, which help convert carbohydrates into energy.

Top 6 Pre-Workout Foods
Top 6 Pre-Workout Foods

4. Bananas:

Bananas are loaded with digestible carbohydrates (AKA Fuel) and are packed with potassium, which aids in maintaining nerve and muscle function.

5. Turkey Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread:

Turkey meat actually contains a lot of protein, which works as a fuel for your body, fuel that is essential for your upcoming workout. Since you are eating your turkey as part of a sandwich instead of by itself, you also pick up the benefits of the carbohydrate-heavy bread that you use.

6. Peanut Butter on an Apple:

There’s a good mix of natural sugars, plus the protein and good fats from the peanut butter lower the snack’s effect on your blood sugar. Because there’s a slower release of sugars into your bloodstream, you can keep going harder for longer in your workout.


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