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6 Ways To Lead An Acne Free Life


6 Ways To Lead An Acne Free Life: Acne is a very common problem especially amongst the teens and millennials due to imbalanced hormonal change and inflammation of the skin caused by the extensive exposure to pollution and bacteria. Be it because you skipped your beauty regime or it’s the time of the month, it’s as if these pimples are waiting to pop! We just dread waking up to the disgusting pimples in the morning.

6 Ways To Lead An Acne Free Life

1. Exercise To Keep Pimples At Bay

We are all so busy in our lives that we forget including an important thing in our daily schedule, and that is workout. Merely 20-30 minutes of exercise everyday can help you to stay healthy, fit and away from the ghastly red protrudes. Workout does not only mean going to the gym every day, it may be going for a swim, cycling or anything that involves mildly strenuous physical activity.

2. Binge, But On Healthy Foods

Are you a big foodie and have no control over your eating habits? You may not have to quit eating junk food, but you have to monitor the intake. So for the midnight hunger pangs, start eating foods that would act beneficial for you instead. Eat more of veggies, fruits and decrease the intake of desserts and oil as they are also one of the real causes of acne.

3. A Lifestyle Change

Having a healthy lifestyle is one the most important elements of leading an acne free life. Do not forget drinking at least two liters of water daily. Make sure you remove your makeup before going to sleep. It will prevent ballooning of pimples due to the intensification of contaminants.


4. Toothpaste To The Rescue

Tooth paste is just not used for doing the daily chore, but can also be used to treat pimples on your skin. Apply white toothpaste on your skin whenever you feel a little itchy or see a little bump on your skin before going to sleep. Later, gently wash it with cold water. You’d see the bump reduce and you would save yourself from the trauma.

5. Home Made Face Pack

Well, this one will require a bit of efforts but as and when it becomes a practice, the affects will also begin to show on your skin. Either go for a mix of besan, turmeric and milk or a neem and turmeric paste and apply this pack EVERYDAY (or at least once in two days). Your skin will soon be free of acnes, marks and will develop a natural sheen.

6. Use Garlic On The Affected Skin

Garlic aside from having multiple health benefits, can also be used for personal use and gives out magical benefits due to its antiseptic properties. Cut out the end of a garlic bud and apply the juice on the affected area for 2-3 minutes. Later, wash it with mildly warm water. Try this remedy several times a day to witness benefits sooner.


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